Friday, May 28, 2004

Environmental awareness perhaps...

Watched a movie the other day… “Where will you be Tomorrow” had a almost dramatic opening scene of an ice shelf from the Northern Hemisphere breaking off.

And it reminded me that just a while back a similar event took place, it was reported in the news sometime Sept, 2003. The Ward Hunt Ice Shelf, one of the largest remaining piece that a century ago rimmed the entire northern coast of Canada’s Ellesmere Island, the northernmost land mass in North America. (go check the Geophysical Research to know more)

Ok this part onwards is taken from some report found on the internet -

In April 2000, Canadian satellite images showed the beginnings of cracking from the eastern side of Ward Hunt Island into the 32km-long Disraeli Fjord.

Since 1967, weather stations in the Canadian Arctic have recorded average temperature increases which sound minute, but which have produced a dramatic change that has raised the average July temperatures on the Ward Hunt Ice Shelf slightly above freezing.

A certain Dr Jeffries said: ‘It has been accepted for some time that should the global climate start to warm, the effects would be felt first in the polar regions, and they would be amplified. This could be part of that signal.’

Perhaps its not so bad staying near the equator afterall.