Friday, February 09, 2007


From the book Krakatoa - Although Raffles is best known for essentially founded Singapore, he was also lieutenant-governor of the East Indies from 1811 to 1816... Lady Raffles is buried in a pretty Grecian tomb in the Botanical Gardens at Bogor south of Jakarta. Her husband is memorialized in many ways: by having discovered and restored the marvelous Buddhist temple at Borobudur, this I have to visit one day in central Java; by having written a near-definitive history of Java, and by having named after him the planet's largest flower, Rafflesia arnoldii, which has blooms a yard wide, weighs as much as twenty-four pounds, and has a memorably horrible smell. Know the flower, but not the smell :P

Some other trivial I found ~
- That the finance department's director have commissioned IT to seriously track all internet traffic by the minute.
- That I am losing weight as I work, sitting there all day. Not good.
- That the book The Lover by Marguerite Duras, is selling on Amazon for a mere US$8, even cheaper if you get a used copy
- That Anna Nicole Smith just died. It's all over the news!
- That whoever started with the name Agent Orange for the toxic chemical weed killer compound (name derives from orange markings on the drums the chemical was shipped in), the US sprayed so abundantly all over Vietnam (during the US vs Viet war), is pretty damn lame.