Thursday, August 19, 2004

Hammie incident

A funny thing happened, when I went to visit a friend last night, while waiting at the lift lobby for said friend to appear.

The lift doors opened
A hamster was inside sniffing he air (kinda like a mouse)
Me: Amazed
Hammie: Seems to know what it is doing
Hammie: Slow-mo towards the opened lift to exit
Hammie: Missed footing, rear paws could not reach beyong gap between lift-landing
Me: Holding puppy back
Hammie: Slipped thru gap into the deep dark abyss

The puppy could hardly get a whiff of hammie's scent from beyond the dark abyss, just a very heavy greasy smell. So I send out a call for a help, they said they would send the Hamtaro Rescue Swat Team sometime this year.