Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Tabloid n 1: sensationalist journalism

This is taken off a local tabloid that got it originally from a similar cousin based in Australia. *LOL*

About the identity, of Mr Darshan Singh, 74, as the man slated to hang convicted Australian drug trafficker Van Tuong Nguyen, 25.

And this has led to Mr Singh's face being plastered in various Australian and British papers.

Info as yet unverified by the authorities involved -
He used to cane convicted criminals.
'The pay then was 50 cents per stroke.'

Well, most people would be more interested in knowing the main part of the news and how Australian reporters actually got to snooping all the way here in Singapore, just to find the Executioner.

So anyway, anyone out there interested in $10 worth of strokes? Local delivered only. *LOL*