Friday, December 16, 2005

Ministry of Sound

Dropped by the pre-opening of Ministry of Sound at Clarke Quay tonight, to check out the place and the decor. It's definitely a fresh addition and alternative to the local clubbing scene.

On the inside it's spacious, and is much larger (40,000 sq ft) in terms of land space compared Zouk. And supposedly the biggest worldwide too, as stated on their website.

Anyhoo, housed within are 3 separate themed erm dance floor, there's the main dance floor that's MoS, there's the very 70's disco inspired 54, loved the bright colours and retro getup of the whole place, complete with lots of mirror globes hanging above the multi coloured square dance floor. Lastly, an all white lounge room called Pure. Both 54 and Pure are on the second upper level, Pure is hidden behind a wall panel door that you can hardly see in the dark.

The long long queue of people waiting to get in just goes to show the drawing popularity of the MoS. Won't mind coming back again...