Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Movie Review

Wolfgang Petersen's

With a ship the size of the Poseidon, there's a bit of something for everyone. To start off, its a huge ocean liner, then there's Fergie of Black Eyed Peas appearing as herself, in a sizzling red number. A huge arse colossal-tidal-tsunami-wave that reached-up-to-the-moon for surf lovers. Lots of ladies that almost looked alike and only one kid.

Small crawl spaces that will tense up the claustrophobic. Over at special effects, there are the impressive vast visuals of fiery hot flames, shattering explosions, rushing of lotsa lotsa icy cold water, floating dead bodies, and lotsa lotsa splashing around (so much so that I was getting a little dizzy from it)

All said, this remake of the 1972 classic 'The Poseidon Adventure' is thrills, spills and eye-popping visuals.

Good thing I din have much to drink before the movie, but still had to make a dash for it after the credits started rolling.

Quote of the day - "Intense prolonged sequences of disaster and peril." Not for the weak bladder.