Friday, December 15, 2006

Eragon Movie Premier

Here is the did you know part about the origins of the story.

Eragon is a novel written by Christopher Paolini, he began writing Eragon after he graduated high school at the age of 15. It is the first book of the Inheritance Trilogy.

So back to the Eragon Premier. (This was Monday night, Starhub invited guest only.)
Guess who this JRT met at the premier - Sparky! ... the JRT that in some way inspired it all... LOL Sparky became the mascot for Starhub when he swallowed his owner's mobile and started roaming.
That's already a good start to the night, not to mention the excellent leg room between the rolls and rolls of comfy seat, in the enormously big cinema. Oh, btw this is GV at Vivo.

So that's that. The movie though is not as great, given all the excellent predecessor, within the same genre that have already been released. Predictable dialogue and storyline, so so acting, effects were nothing spectacular... but the concept and idea behind the story was interesting.

But I must say, the promotional and marketing materials for the movie looked great, yet to find out that Eragon is actually part one of a trilogy... ~_~"

Ok, this is Sparky that everyone got to bring home - Sparky's got pointy ears.