Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lunar New Year - Year 3?

I don't quite remember how I survived past my last couple of LNY.

My memory of those period seem to have gone the way of the monsoon rain, only vaguely recalling isolated instances only when it came around again. This year was not that much different, I can't wait for it to be over.

It's nice to have big celebrations like that though; to initiate the beginning of something new. If Singapore have the four seasons, it would help me in some ways too, it'd be like nature's own alarm clock to get me started on new beginnings and let go of the things that I seem to hold on to for too long.

For every LNY, there is the preperations every household does - spring cleaning. This year is a little more agonizing, or rather an inconvenience, as I dig out old luggage and prepare to dump them, give away, rip.
I am preparing to move out in a couple of months time.

A lot would be happening for me this year, though I would like to believe that I have already planned for every little turn of events, I know there's bound to be surprises; which can be nice, it creates excitement and conflicts but these surprises in the past years had not been too kind; especially where relationships were involved.

Perhaps my focus should have been more on tangible asset relationships.
But it would be true too, that *I am the people I keep around me.
*Note to self.