Thursday, October 14, 2004

The days a drag...

… it was Tuesday, 21st September.

Consider this possibility, one recent death at 52.

All things considered I am putting a guess my life would end approx. somewhere between 52 - 66 … given that the current world does not seem to have a lot of elderly beyond the age of 84 … what are the chances that one would die instantaneously, as in, drop dead (age not-withstanding) within the minute, rather high these days. If you dont believe me, you can jump out the window to prove my point, or for that matter go hop in front of an in-coming MRT train.

There have been a few ad spots on TV recently to highlight that people with symptoms of depressing should seek professional help by calling a number. Might have something to do with the high number of deaths in the previous months from people hopping in front of in-coming trains. What bugs me is, why would someone who’s most likely depressed be concious enough to remember to call a number flashed on TV to get professional help, when they are already looking out for an in-coming train. Making me depressed - screwit! I will sleep on this one.