Friday, September 17, 2004

This month’s CLEO

This months CLEO magazine! Found it on the table the other day and decided to take a peek and poke my nose around the pages.

Did not managed to get any further than the cover though, paws and claws are not too helpful when trying to turn pages. So I decided to take a bite out of it, definitly food for thought - literally, heh.

Overheard that on page 186, a girl lost her handphone in her vagina while having sex and have to insert three fingers to get it, maybe it’s because the phone stopped moving.

I wonder if Sparky from Starhub got the phone into herself the same way… then that must mean I did it the wrong way (read entry on 21 Aug 2004) Oh well, just wait till the next time I get my paws on another phone.

- Frost