Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry merry Christmas

I heard that Santa have taken off on a break this year to do some holidaying on his own and have left some cute Santarina to spread the Christmas joy. At least in Japan that is and she's picked to popping out of your wardrobe.

Anyway, heard that those staying over in Cincinnati is already looking at a white Christmas this year. There's going to be some happy kids over there, and after that there's gonna be some snow shoveling for some very happy people.
Meanwhile, there's not the slightest change in the weather in Singapore. Still as warm and fair weather as any other day.

So HO HO HO, down those Burbon and have a jolly good Christmas!

Had a great Christmas party last nite, so much Burbon so little time.
Can't quite remember how much Burbon I had and can't quite recall any of the names of those at the party too. But it's still a great party, there was a game they played '7 up' to help get the girls into the Burbon drinking mood too and somewhere in the mist everyone were laughing and making loud happy noise... I should go to parties like this more often.
Ah, good thing I woke up in a familiar room this morning. The walk home was quite a feeling, like walking on cloud 9, didn't break a sweat.