Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Bobby's Taproom

Just back from the reopening (grand opening according to its new owners) of the now renamed Bobby's Taproom, the new interior revamp didn't seem all that alluring.

But I did come face to face with Wendy Cheng aka
My... she does look a little like... I guess you all know what she looked like, heh.

Anyway all shortcoming notwithstanding, I'm already not talking about Wendy here.
Bobby's grand opening by it's new owners was nice in a way, in that the drinks were constant and free - so was the spread of food.

Met up with a guy, who worked at in the local production unit at Disney's Singapore broadcast centre, I dun quite recall the location of the broadcast center...

KaiXing is the only name I remember from tonight, an AE at RappCollins handling the Kai account...

Maybe there might be a KM8 followup, but these things hardly ever get organised.