Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I, teacher.

I'm probably gonna regret posting this, (the one on A&K will happen in another post... )
it's been a long time since I had a laugh.

It's true that we only laugh at the jokes that are most likely to happen if given the situation.
And kinda reminded me of the days when I was teaching.

The whole lot came through the office's email today...

TEACHER : Why are you late?
BALGOBIN : Because of the sign.
TEACHER : What sign?
BALGOBIN : The one that says, "School Ahead, Go Slow."

TEACHER : Balgobin, why are you doing your math sums on the floor?
BALGOBIN : You told me to do it without using tables!

TEACHER : Balgobin, why do you always get so dirty?
BALGOBIN : Well, I'm a lot closer to the ground than you are.

TEACHER : Now, Balgobin, tell me frankly do you say prayers before eating?
BALGOBIN : No sir, I don't have to, my mom is a good cook.

TEACHER : Balgobin, your composition on "My Dog" is exactly the same as your brother's. Did you copy his?
BALGOBIN : No, teacher, it's the same dog!

TEACHER : What do you call a person who keeps on talking when people are no longer interested?
BALGOBIN : A teacher

I especially liked the last one, and I do wonder sometimes too.