Monday, September 24, 2007

Friday, Sept 21

Last Friday was one of those milestone juncture.
It's been a few years getting to this day.

I had my whole day planned (or so I'd like to think)
Good thing I took the day off from work.

What gives... the beginning of second chances, new experiences, knowledge and constant changes.

I would say the day started off quite well, though I was a little blur when I was trying to figure out where I was supposed to be, then there was the guard that took my camera - he was smelling like a very wet sock. This early in the morning?? I could have hurled.

The morning was over in a matter of minutes.

Met up with a close friend - someone who's not afraid to tell me I'm an idiot for something I did not put much thought into, but put into action anyway. She did not specifically say those words cause she just had an operation to remove her tooth, but it was written on paper for prosperity nonetheless. Looking at the piece of paper she scribbled on, with the words "You r an idiot" I could tell that she's been talking ...

I should put some thought into getting some passive income already.

At 2pm I was at a lawyer's office that told me I should spend my money elsewhere, by 4pm I've got myself another lawyer.

10.30pm Ms KK was passing my mobile number to someone in Bellini.

3am I head home with enough vodka to last me the whole Saturday.

Now, I have to run and buy moon cakes for my Halal colleagues for tomorrow's party at the office.