Saturday, December 25, 2004

Japanese winter holiday last year

This is last Christmas' memories when I was in Japan for a few weeks prior to Christmas day itself. Had lotsa pictures taken but never really gotten around to knowing the great stuff a blog can do then, so I'll be posting up more of my photos for memories' sake.

winterThis was taken on a cold winter morning near Mt Fuji, it was snowed in and there's no way to go up Fuji so our tour guide brought us to some observatory to view the amazing Mt Fuji.

I won't be showing my picture of Mt Fuji here, besides all pictures of Mt Fuji taken looks the same. If you really want to see a pic, try Google they have much better photos taken probably by the best photographers living in Japan, arigato!

kimono As with all quided tours, I was also herded together with everyone else to the Nishijin Textile Center in Kyoto. And there, I laid my eyes upon this cleary expensive Kimono, no? The delicate details and fine fine weaving craftmanship, breathtaking. Hai! Hai! Hai! That did nothing to promt me into digging out my trusty mobile phone to calculate how much it really cost.

boots There was also a trip made to Japan Disney, lotsa teens hanging out here mostly in loving pairs. I find most facination are the beautiful boots with 'high' heels, very sleek. Not much can be said for the rides here though, I still very much prefer Euro Disney in Paris, the ambience is rather different.