Sunday, February 20, 2005

It's all gone

OK, it just dawned on me that a good part of my life have just vanished when my Mac and mobile phone decided to crash together. All those birthday reminders, appointments, phone numbers... my sony ericsson was sync to my Mac for all update and backups. Right now, I'm feeling the calm before the storm...

The Mac in the meantime refuses to be reinstalled after I made a partition, the OS installer had been crashing in mid-progress *WT~@#&*^!!*. I'm just so totally baffled, so I've banished my sleek titanium lass from my desk at least until I can figure out what's wrong and deal with it later.

Found an old "screen dead" HP laptop sitting on the shelf, so it's now hooked up to a monitor, this had been one long day...

I hope depression dun hit me, when I finally realised how much have just been erased from my life. It's like memories were just wiped clean and I'm now in a state of amnesia.

Compiling a list of the missing...
~ FTP access
~ MP3s
~ Photos of happier times
~ research papers
~ appointment calendar
~ mailing addresses
~ email archives & contacts