Thursday, February 24, 2005

A matter of faith

My titanium beauty finally came home yesterday, the same could not be said for my Sony T610 (her brains got fried).

It would be a while before I could commit to doing much with her again. I'm still grouchy over the lost of all my emails, archive and addresses. Trust takes a long while to rebuild once it's lost. Wary, wary.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look on the bright side now u can really erase those people you dont really like. Anyway it is good to hear that some order has been established in light of your recent chaos! Just to let you know that i have had many experience of my PC crashing and wiping everything out. So i have grown smarter by keeping a hardcopy of my contacts. Did try to backup my PC but usually too lazy to keep a constant update of it. Take care and dont stress!

25/2/05 12:02 am  

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