Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Moo moo moody

The long weekend beginning Good Friday gave me the mood bug. I was in no mood for anything at all, missed church on Easter Sunday too. Well, I'll be... I was also rather slacking on Monday, while I was with another bunch of kids for their sculpture class. Didn't help too that they were so absorbed in their own SMS world and the warm humid weather was just bad.

So this morning's heavy downpour was a great relieve. With the air-con in the class down to the lowest, my glasses fogged up everytime I stepped out. *grin*

A few hours earlier, I finally got around to finding out what Harold & Kumar go to White Castle was all about, loaned the DVD on impulse, glad I did. It helped to bring back some fond memories of the times when I was working around the bay area & SF. (The show's not set in SF or the bay area though, but it's typical)

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Blogger Ivy said...

I hope you are on a upward mood strand. Keep the chin up! Enjoy.

31/3/05 8:31 am  
Blogger GlassDog said...

Thanks Ivy, I guess laughter do help lots. Got my dose after watching the brainless flick - Harold & Kumar *grin*

31/3/05 1:07 pm  

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