Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Made a trip to Suntec City on Sunday, for a forum on Art Museums & Contemporary Culture.
The start of the forum was a little delayed as a few of the speakers were hindered. Apparently the IT show held there this year was a real draw and since it's also the last day of the show, everyone deduce that there would be bargains galore. Hence throughout the day, all roads leading towards and around Suntec were jammed with hundreds of jaywalking crowd, as well as crawling cars that couldn't get into the already full carparks, in or around the area.

Anyway, the forum was graced by Thomas Krens, Director of Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation which oversees six Solomon R. Guggenheim museums and eminent contemporary artist Cai Guo Qiang. I was in awe.

One of his more recent work from 2004, that left me with a lasting impression, would have to be the Inopportune: Stage Two (see pix)

Follow this link to his site for more details about him and all the projects that he've done since 1989.