Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Oscar exposure

I gave the Oscar show on TV a miss, I was too tired to sit through it that nite. Anyway, there was more than enough coverage about it everywhere and right down to every little detail.

And so it's through Spirit Fingers that I realised that there was more eye candy than just knowing what Clint Eastwood won.

What I am truly amazed at is, in what instance would this picture be commercially viable? I'm at a lost for words, but I'm amazed and amused by the photo's caption and details (No mention of Prada). I was hoping to find some hint that would have indicated that it was a cropped photo, but nope, this was how the photo was shot.

I guess the way this picture was shot and published on Getty Images, no less, would somehow justify the phenomenon of men looking into a woman's bosom while talking to them.