Saturday, April 02, 2005


Over at Wikipedia's English homepage yesterday, there was a featured story of sophisticated exploration into the history of toilets and lavatory paper. Buried somewhere in there was the following revelation, it is perhaps then that the womenfolks of the 1860s were more ingenious and upstanding *sic*
Before and during the Meiji Era, urinals were commonly used by both men and women. Traditionally, a kimono is worn without underwear, and the females merely pulled up their kimono, and with an upward pull on their vulva, were able to direct the urine forward into the urinal.
But for those who don't wanna get their manicured nails dirty, could always use the patented Pee-mates. Would most probably help to cut down on those long lines of waiting.

And while you're at it, this could very well be the ultimate in equal gender rights - stand up for your right to Pee. Perhaps the likes of women's urinal might become popular afterall.