Tuesday, December 19, 2006


With a sense of resolute journalistic spirit, I braved the monsoon rain to investigate the source of flooding that apparently had stopped my public transport from coming through the usual road along Thomson. Which had given me cause for grave traumatic distress and very wet shoes and overall uncomfort.

There was an attempt to interview a family of 6 monkeys, with one youngling clinging on to the underbelly of mummy as they migrate to higher grounds, but they were in no interest to provide any comments as they high-tailed for the nearest Bukit exit right.

The following is the delayed reporting (immediately after my hot shower) ~

MacRitchie Reservoir had a overflow outfall system that lets the over-supply of storm water out to drainage channels. But looked like the rain fall over two days was so heavy that the water rise got over the overflow outfall gates and was just flowing over and out causing flash floods over a large area of Thomson Rd.

Worst hit were the nurseries along Thomson road that's directly across the junction (Lorne/Thomson) from the overflow outfall channel of the reservoir. From the look of cars, taxis and lorries submerged in water, everyone in that area were caught by surprise by the flash flood.

(Just on the 9.30pm News - the junction at Joan and Olive Rd were impassable to traffic and is closed)