Saturday, March 24, 2007


That's so you: waiting for the perfect moment to wreak a little havoc on the offender du jour. Because you don't react in a noticeable way immediately following someone's gaffe, you have the element of surprise working in your favor. Long after a perpetrator has forgotten about a flaming faux pas, you remind the perp and a group of friends about "the incident." This works on two powerful levels: 1) it stuns the perp into quiet submission; and 2) it teaches other guests a lesson in respect. Anyway, that just about sums up your Friday. Saturday is less calculated and more spontaneous, particularly during the morning and afternoon. You don't feel like obediently responding to another's call to action, and instead do whatever you want to. This willful disregard for someone's rules is like savoring the most scrumptious soul food. Occasionally, it's gratifying to assert that You are the Boss of You. Sunday morning cries out for inspiration, peace and a dash of healing. Even though you won't feel like coping with a crowd, you can benefit from affirmative group energy that demands little from you, but feeds you nonetheless.

Pretty much my Friday.