Thursday, August 26, 2004

House of the Flying Daggers - Aftermath

What you see here is part of my first phase installation art, it was inspired from the recent movie release of ZhangYiMou - House of the Flying Daggers, what I have attempted to recreate here is the bamboo forest aftermath.

This first attempt at installation art was not an easy task, as I am constantly conflicted with intense emotions and vivid visions which needed to be refined, so that my final result would accurately represent that specific moment.

On top of that, I have only my paws and teeth to work with, not to mention the materials with which I have to work with was not easily available - which I have to spend quite some effort and time to aquire.

Now that the artwork is completed, both Frost and myself are proud of the resulting representation and would like to thank all who have supported us.

Watch this space for our next exciting new installation.

(The editor would like to highlight that there would be no caning tonight, as capital punishment by cane is not condone and neither was the material - namely “cane” readily available around the house)