Sunday, December 26, 2004

Day after Christmas

One year ago this very same day, I had the hives, urticaria. According to the GP, it's most probably from some Cranberry source or whatever kinda stuffing they shove into the Christmas turkey, which i had for dinner the nite before at some restaurant. So I am quite happy that there's not the slightest sign of the itching hives paying me a visit this year, wooots!

I woke up early - that's before 8am, and feeling well, I pop into chruch for a Sunday morning mass.
The moment the service began, that's when the choir started singing...

Huh??! Surprise, surprise!

I don't understand a word that the choir was singing... familiar tune though.
My first thoughts were - when did the church started celebration mass in 'tongues'? Alas, i reasoned that it is most probably Malay, meant for the 'Baba' community - they are the malay speaking, but every inch chinese looking group of folks. Native Malay community were mainly Islamic.

So I am just sitting there staring blankly making a mental note to blog this, while the priest is doing his sermon in Malay with much Oomph.
With my limit knowledge of the language i'm still just guessing it's malay.
I reasoned that somehow someone must have forgotten to inform us through the bulletin, that today's Sunday mass would not be in the usual english service.