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歐得洋OCEAN的《孤單北半球》 (Lonely Northern Hemisphere)





I find this a rather heart warming song :) it's not a recent release, but I've only just found the lyrics :)
For my new found friends that are not mandarin speaking, I shall attempt to explain the lyrics in the song for u :P
This is only loosely translated as best as i could, so if anyone can give me a better translation, pls do ^_^"
So here it is -

I give you my good night, as companion for your breakfast
Remember to save up all the pining
I looked to the havens full of stars twinkling
And I heard the 'cow herd' tell the 'fairy on the moon' to be brave (this phrase here is part of a chinese folk lore)

Do not worry about us being on both end of the earth
(I can't quite get this part, a little off but should go something like so)
I ask the immortal monkey to spread a magical blanket
Fly as fast as light to your side, to show you that even the Southern Cross have the North Star for companion

Are you getting used to not having my arm as your pillow?
Your telescope would not see the loneliness of the Northern Hemisphere where I am
The Pacific Ocean's tide is revolving with the Earth, going back and forth
I will wait patiently and welcome you when you approach the shore

Are you getting used to not having my warm embrace that you've gotten so familiar with?
Send you pictures but you'll not see my loneliness at the Northern Hemisphere
Even if the world is any bigger, true hearts will eventually be rekindled
Longing will not keep us apart as I give you all my dreams for safe keeping

I am still trying to find the song's mp3, if you really want to see all the songs in the album or see the album cover art click here. To listen to the song, u can click on the mandarin lyrics.

The feeling of love can be a powerful inspiration, even if it's only through a song - may love be with u

12 Bones !! ~

Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy holiday GlassDog-san! mandarin looks cool...:) thanks for translation!! i cant hear that song due to comp prob. but im sure it sounds veery nice. hhhmmmm

21/1/05 10:36 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

trying to look like mandarin! understand???(^-^)

22/1/05 12:21 am  
Blogger GlassDog said...

Heehee, nice. It's easier for me to translate when u use Kanji, thx :)
Yes they do have quite a few similarities ^_^ there are some characters that are shared, but i think its pronounced differently.
I am glad u liked the song ^_^

Oh yes, I'm sure 白栗鼠V would agree too, lolz ^_^

22/1/05 12:33 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

GlassDog-san, Really??? glad to hear that u understood my fake mandarin!(*^^*)白栗鼠 is same???? Wooow!! we pronounce it as 'Shirorisu'. Shiro(white) Risu(Squirrel). how do u pronounce that?? Pak something??

22/1/05 2:21 pm  
Blogger GlassDog said...

I had help using translator ^_^
White Squirrel is Bai Song Shu in mandarin :P
Yeah, you got quite close to the 'Pak' part :)

22/1/05 6:01 pm  
Blogger White Squirrel V said...

Glad to meet you!
I'm reading yr blog by translator and images><
I'm happy to find 漢字 on yr blog!(安心)
I should study English & Chinese(/≧◇≦\)
from 白栗鼠(Bai Song Shu)

22/1/05 10:29 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Squirrel-san is fluent in Korean!! maybe we should talk in manda-korean-jap. haha(*^^*)

22/1/05 11:05 pm  
Blogger GlassDog said...

Hello 白栗鼠-san & Niki-san, LOLx good to know you're getting comfortable.
Yeah, the online translator are great ^_^

22/1/05 11:52 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

translator?? awww! it would be embarassing if u translate girls chit-chat in our blogs. lol

23/1/05 9:31 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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24/1/05 9:12 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! thanks for your translation; I used this as a template to traslate the girl conveying to boy version of the song, I'll post it here too as an appreciation to your effort

The MV


Your good morning keeps me company while I am having my dinner;

Do remember to save up (into piggy-bank) our longing thoughts for each other;

As I look up into the heavens full of twinkling stars;

I actually heard ‘Niu-Lang’ calling out to ‘Zhin’ telling her to be brave (Chinese romantic folklore;


I am not worried about the both of us being at two ends of the Earth;

When I see your greetings – it is like the immortal ‘Monkey God’ riding its swift magical cloud (another Chinese folklore;


You flying towards me - flying to me at the speed of light – to appear in front of me;

Your greetings actually allowed me to picture having the Southern Cross keeping the North Star company;


I’m still not used to - not having your shoulder as a pillow;

I know your telescope would not be able to see my loneliness;

My loneliness here at the Northern Hemisphere where I am;

The Pacific Ocean’s tides moves back and forth - as the Earth revolves;

I will wait patiently and welcome you the day you finally come home (approach this shore);


I’m still not used to - not having your warm embrace - that like a fireplace brings warmth to me;

The pictures I sent you via e-mail won’t tell of my loneliness at the Northern Hemisphere;

Even if the world is any bigger, true hearts can bring love and warmth to each other;

Longing will never tire - and I give you all my dreams for safekeeping


26/8/06 6:22 pm  
Blogger GlassDog said...

Thanks lots, anonymous for the better versed English translation of the song - girl conveying to boy version of the song.

At least it's much better than my earlier word for word translation. It definitly reads better too. LOL

This is one dream fulfilled, for you to hold onto.

26/8/06 8:53 pm  

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