Saturday, January 29, 2005


love and misery loves company
a relationship that should leave a legacy of love
is turning into a monument to misery
death might have been easier to understand

walking down crowded sidewalks alone
in a quick pace as I always go
perhaps to guise a sense of purpose
no not perhaps
to elude attention
stick to familiar roads
paid no attention to alternate routes

funny how it is when misery finds company
this is also a road of solitude
I thought you were by my side, as always
but nothing was there
where have you gone

all roads are connected
perhaps we might cross paths
not the road you take
no matter what the name
its the person you walk it with

2 Bones !! ~

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, it's momotea from the blogdrive? Liked your poem, sad but real.

30/1/05 12:01 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi GlassDog-san,
very passionate, good poem!!(^o^);;

30/1/05 10:14 am  

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