Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Had not been watching the clock, look right -->
So it's been a while... how time sneaks by, all the time.
With only 4 weeks in a month, the days are going by pretty fast.

Just realised that the film Sideways been on screen for awhile and that it's actually been quite awhile too, since the Academy Awards, where it was accorded the award for best adapted screenplay. I haven't had the chance pop by the cinemas, I hope it's still screening on Monday.

This reminds me of a red I had tasted while dining in Paris at the Restaurant Chartier. Do set aside time to pop into this restaurant, the ambience and experience is quite erm unique, given it's rich history and culture.

The Alcazar on 62, rue Mazarine is also a nice place to dine (make reservations esp. if you're touring).
Inside, there's a very stylish bar and lounge upstairs while the main dining area on the lower level is very nicely decorated. The sophisticated cuisine with an emphasis on French food is excellent, given the price paid... do try some Champagne Veuve Clicquot, if I recall correctly, is a rather light and fruity blend. Not that this is the only place to get some, haha, but it's great with the ambience.

Also, if you're lucky you might find yourself seated near to some Hollywood celebrity. I saw one :) but I just can't recall the name or even which movie. *Muahahaha*

For lounge music lovers, you can find CDs from Alcazar selling in Singapore too.