Thursday, January 19, 2006

Going verbal

I've been distracted by going verbal, hence the lapse in recent entries.
Plus I've been busy trying the darnest hardest to find some island hideaway for the Lunar New Year period.
Being too picky and rather cheapo, I dun think I'll be able to find one in time, so I might just be stuck on the same trapical island hideaway.

On the one hand teaching sessions for schools have started again and I find myself in a class again with the same ole bunch of kids from last year, since it's quite apparent most of them passed their year end exams.
The downside is, they din seemed to have grown up mature... same ole same ole *haiz*

Bought a book from Borders recently, to help motivate me to plan for my travels and possibly photography expeditions.
1001 Natural Wonders you must see before you die
So I finally found out why Lake Tahoe have waters that's so freaking crystal blue all year thru, besides the fact that noone freaking litters there. You'll find that on page 84, if you happen to flip thru the book at Borders.

Lastly, a phrase from the intimate stranger ~
"... they never tire of wanting to learn something new about the other; and they never, never, tire of loving the same thing about the other every single day."