Saturday, February 18, 2006

Slow to update

It's called procrastination, the act of my slowness as a consequence of not getting around to it (this).

Well it's not that nothing's been happening around my part of Bishan, as is most of the other times when nothing really does happen.

So I've been busy rushing a really tight deadline freelance job for this recently top ranked ad agency, who got there because of their recently acquired major major account, which they did not foresee that the new client would want more presence in all ad media spaces available especially things that goes online. Not that I'm complaining, but I find it interesting to know.

Then at the sametime, there's this group of Proj Superstar Idols that's been dawning onto my place for filming, my place is now a location set.

Four star idols, a number of supporting cast and their whole entourage of people that fusses over them, a major filming crew, wires all over the place, connected to some huge ass lighting to light up my apartment like a clear day, stuff from the film's sponsors filling up all the space in my fridge, that's very empty most of the time *Haha*.

There was a scene where Ms 石 had to do a scene in my bed between the sheets, I was so praying that my sheets smelled good when they were doing that scene. She's like, had the quilt pulled up all the way up to the chin and snugging...

One thing's for sure, when all this filming is done, there's gonna be some serious work for me to get the apartment back the way it was.

More details when I calm down. BTW the show's gonna start screening on Channel U come March, the working title's Dream Catchers or something lame like that. WeiLian's the lead in this show.