Monday, April 02, 2007

Nice Glow

On the first weekday of my free week the day started off pretty nicely with an extended episode of Amazing Race on from 8 till 10am.

The sun was out and blazing, just the kind of day that's great for a day by the water. I was in the pool till 1pm and came out of it feeling quite amazed, that was like a 3hr swim.

I amazed myself, heh.

It is always nice when the pool is not too crowded.

The toasty glow did not show until I got home 3 hours later, nice. Now I look like a broiled lobster.

As the evening creep in, I got a message to check out the rising moon. That was when I was just about into the tenth episode of Heros - if you have not already heard about this show go find out here.

The moon had a nice yellow glow and just about peeping out from behind some high level Cirro-stratus clouds, yet all around, the darkening sky was clear and devoid of any other clouds.

I just realised that green grapes or perhaps grapes in general have a detox effect, at least I think that's what it was. I had a whole bowl of it while watching Heros and had to do a few quick runs to the throne room. Heehee ^_^

The 3 hours swim is taking effect and my eyes are shutting down for the night, just as some major disaster appears to be happening to the world on TV - 10.5 Apocalypse.

I need to sleep now.