Monday, December 27, 2004

Underwater seismic activity caused Tusnami off Indonesia

Horror of horrors!
The day after Christmas have turned into a nightmare, when an earthquake (M8.9) early yesterday morning, beneath the Indian Ocean, causing a Tsunami to rip through Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Thailand causing widespeard devastation throughout, worst hit were beach resorts located along the costal areas. This is among the deadliest in recent years, death toll figures are as yet unconfirmed and still rising.

Excerpt from a reporter holidaying in Phuket -
Just as we were being rounded up to get back on the boat, the sea vanished and left the boat stranded on the rocky bed. The startled fish leaped from rock pool to rock pool. The three guides had never seen this before. But as suddenly as the water had vanished, it came rushing back again. Our guides screamed at us to run for the mountainous area behind the beach, and we charged for safety...
[in full]

This reminded me of a scene, from the movie “The Day after Tomorrow". But the video release from a tourist who managed to film the Tsunami, shown over the news seemed somewhat subdue... but devastating none-the-less I take back my words, just saw another news video clip from Phuket, Thailand and the first tsunami wave impact was so high that it smashed right through a small hill at the edge of the beach and the camera person filming this was knocked off his feet when the impact got to the roof that he was on.

I digress - mental note, must remember to get a good waterproof digital camera.