Friday, January 07, 2005

Martha Focker

Was out on a movie date Wednesday nite.
So i was a little distracted and missed bloggin yesterday.
It's been a while since I went on a date with someone I just barely gotten to know, and I must say I'm not too sure I was a good date. Perhaps I should keep off going out on dates till I've sorted out my "emotional luggage" first.

The movie was hilarious though, "Meet the Fockers" the sequal to "Meet the parents". During most part of the show I was quite distracted by my date's light scent, drifting over. While the rest of the time, I was just painfully conscious of how I sound, laughing out, so it was erm... quite an experience. Should have opt to go watch Ocean's 12 instead, oh well.

Quiet resolution - no more laugh-your-head-off movie dates for now... ever. At least not until I've perfected my laugh to sound exactly like so - MUHaHaHahAhAha... ^_^"