Saturday, January 01, 2005

The first day of the year

The Tsunami incident is still all over the news, a 32-car convoy of Land Rovers from Singapore headed for Thailand to deliver aid and assistance for the Tsunami victims, have met with an accident and the lead driver of the convoy is now dead, his co-driver a private teacher, escaped with minor injuries. The rest of the 60 members forged ahead, towards Krabi in southern Thailand to deliver the aid.

Sad news aside, Evelyn Tan gave birth to a baby boy for Darren (both were formerly Channel U artiste), there’s also supposed to be another New Year’s day baby that is born the same time on the first day of the New Year, at the stroke of midnight. Just can’t beat having celebrity parents though, you don't get as much air time coverage on the news. Ha!

So with the new year comes new changes, one less TV channel on air too… need to get used to not seeing Channel i’s transmission anymore. Today is the first day it offically goes off air and MediaCorp officially takes over all of MediaWorks free-to-air operations and once again monopolise TV programming in Singapore.

In view of the Tsunami and all this money raised for the affected countries, the current prime minister is looking to start an Asian Disaster Fund (kinda like an insurance policy thingy), at a conference sometime this month. Personally I think, someone feels that some of these countries might be getting too much money already… or that perhaps the aid distribution is not equally distributed or something... just my little conspiracy theory there, so don't quote me, ya? On the other hand, I don't think that whatever amount raised would be enough to help every one of the affected countries. There's homes to be rebuilt for the people, and there's also the rebuilding of their tourist beach resort that got wiped out which is the lifelihood from which the people and country's economy made a living.

Beyond that, I am hoping that maybe most of the missing Singaporeans would be found so that the companies that employ them do not have to put out ads to help lower the current unemployment rate here. Or even tempt me into applying for a job that I might be interested in that’s probably got an opening because someone’s not at work… hmmm contradictions.

Oh, humm its a New Year like every year that was before. It seems an awfully long time to wait, for just one sweeping moment. Anyway 2005's gonna have lotsa long weekends ahead at least in Singapore we do. Gotta start planning and marking down those dates, save some money, go nearby beach resorts for the holiday.

Whatever it is, have a safe 2005 and live life like there's no tomorrow.