Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Why this blog started

Realised I never got around to telling why this blog started. The name for the blog -Glassdog Gaze, simply because dogs are so transparent with their emotions, and so unpretentious you can see right through them. I have 2 JRTs and you can find pictures of them in my earlier posts, both are females and their age diff is exactly 1 year apart.

'Gaze' is partly because I had always wanted to indulge in star gazing, but that's not too possible where i live 'cause there is just too much light pollution in this little city that never sleeps.

I started this blog originally to document all the mischiefs that my two JRT causes around the apartment. And at the same time, some of the more globally devastating events and environmental changes in the weather. From summer heat spikes all over France, to mysterious subsequent blackouts across continent(s), meteoroids that are calculated to be drifting pass a few meter too close to earth's atmosphere, stuff like that.