Friday, December 31, 2004

The sky's opened up.

It's been raining since sunrise, and its getting gloomy. There was a short break in the afternoon though but heavy clouds looms overhead, heard that it might hinder the rescue efforts over at the tsunami affected areas, hope all would work out well.

What with everyone already feeling gloomy over this recent Act of God, there would not be any New Year celebrations around this region and here in Singapore all celebrations are asked to be toned down too, no big bang fireworks or huge cheers.

Anyway to sum it up, I am glad the year is finally at an end! It's been a very bad year indeed and I hope the New Year does bring more joy and new beginnings. I don't make resolutions, New Year or otherwise so I am not about to do so. But I am truely hoping for things to turn out better, definitly need to be bring in a more substantial amount of dough and hopefully a companion to share life with. As it is now I'm feeling so low and down perhaps things can only start looking up, I truely hope so.

So let the lucky stars shine! And a happy new year one and all!