Monday, January 31, 2005


There's this pain that I've been feeling in the joint of my big toe, I had always thought that the pain was probably from some old injury that I might have sustained and forgotten. So when I was over at my parent's on Sunday, I casually mentioned about the pain in the toe to my dad, and the first thing that he said was "You've got Gout."
I was like HUH?!!!! It sounded like some rocky hard substance this Gout, I don't think I'd have lived long enough to have something like that yet. And when did my dad got so definitively confident about identifying pain of this nature??
So I was like Huh?!Huuh??! You're sure???
He nonchalantly told me to go look it up in the dictionary, LOL.
I did, but I used Google instead *bleah* and OMG! it's true!! I'm going to die!!

LOL! Correction, I won't die from Gout but I'll be feeling the painful toe a lot more, if I don't do something about it. It is literally a pain in the toe, funny thing is I only feel it when I am visiting them, LOL!

Anyone else out there having a pain in the toe too?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

too early for Gout, GlassDog-san!! ur parents make u ...?!(^o^);; plz wear 3 pairs of socks from now on, keep ur toe worm. take care!!!!

31/1/05 10:41 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

god.. i spelt wrong(--;) sorry not worm... thats WARM!!!

31/1/05 10:43 pm  

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