Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Biotherm - Line Peel

Yesterday was a great day. After successfully scrubbing down the shower and my favourite white ceramic sink and sorting out the mess in my study, I set off to do some shopping. It's good that it was still a work day for most people yesterday, so there was not much of a crowd. Saw my own reflection in one of those nice mirror walls and realised that my hair looked like, erm... a little too long and lifelessly flat. So I called up my stylist's since the Shunji Matsuo salon was just around the area, but it was one day before the Lunar New Year, I tried my luck anyway - I got my hair cut *yeh* a little too short to my liking... I won't fuss over it, the salon was fully packed and my stylist was kind enough to fit me in.

Then I realised that I had forgotten to switch the power back on for my freezer when I switched it off this morning to remove the halogen bulb, which had blown the other day. Anyway it turned out well, nothing turned bad but the fridge is still in darkness. I had not managed to find a replacement bulb yet *flustered*

Took my bike for a spin this morning, since I finally got it fixed Sunday, great weather today sunny and clear bright skies. So I went for a swim too, hoping to get a tan :) now my skin feels all dry and stretched. Biotherm's Line Peel came to mind, saw it while shopping yesterday, wonder if it's any good *haha* I think what i really need is moisturiser, lots.

I am now seriously dead beat, from all that exercise. Reunion dinner's a few hours away, hope I dun fall asleep at the table *yAAawn YaaAWN*

To everyone celebration the LNY, have a happy and pros-per-ous year ahead, and a good time talking cock.