Sunday, February 06, 2005

Dust off

Lunar New Year's eve is in two days time, so today's the last day of the weekend to do spring-cleaning... and I'm just finished for today. I think my back's gonna break, I could only managed the windows, kitchen, living room, 3 rooms, laundry *gasp* there's still the bathroom and the mess in my study to sort out, that'll be tomorrow.
Now I'm just dead beat from all that mopping...

My bicycle finally got fixed today *yeah!*

Something I had taken note of recently -
The government's concern (initiative) to get more people giving births, is getting the local national paper's journalist all excited and digging up trivial for front page news, this is so obviously a conspiracy.

For the past few weeks, I've noticed a few prominent writeups about how matching agencies are doing very well for Singaporean men looking for brides from Vietnam, China, Kalimantan and other asian countries. And how these men that had found (purchased) wife through these agencies, are so gleefully elated with their good buy.
For one such couple, the man is just happy he's going to be a father soon, so that's a plus for the government's birth rate increase policy. But he's not sure if his young wife will leave him in the future.

Ok, here's my conspiracy theory. It is a fact that the local girls are mostly highly educated, confident and have higher expectations, the government's not complaining, it is afterall good genetics when smart people gets married and give birth to future smarter generation. That's why during the early years, the government had to enforce the policy to keep families to 2 child or less per family.

Now that the population numbers is declining at a dire rate (like so many other countries), the regulated national paper feels that it is a duty to inform all these local male herd of average genetics that there's such affordable matching agencies around to help them out. Nevermind if it resulted in any bad genetics, the local education system have been highly recognised and appraised to assumilate them into society for the greater good of the future economy.