Thursday, February 03, 2005

Kit Kats

Japan snaps up 'lucky' Kit Kats.
I've been on the lookout for the green tea flavour Kit Kats, but apparently only a small limited batch was available when it was imported locally, and that's like already been some five to six months back. Anyone out there that have some green tea flavour kitto katsu to send my way? ^_^

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

kitto katto?? hahaha(^O^;) never seen green flavour!! sounds good...

4/2/05 7:22 pm  
Blogger White Squirrel V said...

I never seen green flavour too!
It sounds good and I want to eat it!
I have eaten banaba flavour Kit kat!
But I forggot where I got it....
I want to eat Singapore version Kit kat!!^^

6/2/05 12:01 pm  

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