Saturday, April 23, 2005


I've fallen into a self-withdrawn state and am taking a step back from my surroundings, so that I can refocus and snap out of the depression. Had been filling my time looking for distractions and trying to fill up all those blank slots in my mostly empty organiser.

Also been wondering if it's possible to just drop everything and head off in search of a different life, from scratch. Such bold daydreams, very tempting. Maybe an extended backpacking trip thru Australia, while helping out with farming harvests to fund the exploration. Strawberry plucking *hmmmm*...

But alast, unless there's some dire change to my current situation, I would not be making that decision to roam, anytime soon. I'm getting by fine for now.

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Blogger Ivy said...

flirting with the idea of a grand escape is always fun. imagine an adventurous life where you can form a new identity. how about a break? vacation of some sort to a foreign land? it can be quite therapeutic.

realistically though, baby steps is what governs real change. hang in there.

27/4/05 5:45 am  

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