Saturday, April 16, 2005

Random loop

Since you left
I have been consumed
by the usuals, as they come
anger, denial, anger
depression from anger
feeling of lost, regrets
the whole shebang
on a random loop

While constantly
a little voice goes
choose Love
it's less painful
but it was still hard to let go
even if it was hurting

So on this walk home yesterday
I listened to the voice
Broke this random loop
and felt my heart skipped a beat
The memories that we've shared over the years
The love that we had

I don't missed you as much now
My dreams are still as quiet as the nights
In fact there are no more dreams
As it had always been, even while we're together

There's just no dreams
When I fall into quiet slumber

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Blogger Ivy said...

the sweet bitterness of a love that was not meant to be...

so very addictive.

take care of yourself and good luck on that bike test.

16/4/05 5:13 am  

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