Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Time sure fly by
Things seemed easier
now that time have taken its toll

There's somewhere I want to get to
When I finally get there
What happens next?
I'm gonna find myself some good buys

If getting there is half the fun
When I finally get there
Must I keep going?
I'm gonna make sure it last

Had a nice Viet meal the other nite
Porkchop, poached eggs & rice
Looking at the dish, made me smile
There it was, right on the dish ~
The pig was committed
while the chicken was involved

It was not a long night
There was no commitment
and no spirits was involved either

But there is still a half bottle of Absolute
waiting for me at IndoChine

Have a early day ahead - 6am
Time to get some sleep

1 Bones !! ~

Blogger Ivy said...

Things seem to look up a little...
keep it up!

Like your metaphors.

13/7/05 3:46 am  

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