Saturday, June 04, 2005

Been preoccupied

I'm a little schizophrenic right this moment as I try to put my thoughts in words over the last week that I've not been bloggin, partly because I'm at this very moment a little numb from too much Jack Daniel's or Johnny Walker, just back from drinking with a couple of gal friends.

What have conspired over the last week...
Been going for lots of swims and getting a little too toasted...
Been sorting out some financial numbers to make sure that I'm getting my numbers right...
Been shopping for deals since the 'Great Sale' started, nothing so far...
Been trying to claim back some late payment that were way overdue, from clients...

I'm rumbling on, and I'm missing someone dearly.
I think perhaps I should sleep earlier, and learn to take things slower.
My Mac's still not back, since I forgotten when.
My bank account is looking really grim & dire, there's loans and bills to pay.
I need to spend less, so that I have enough to clear my bills.
I signed some papers to sell the land in Canada, that we had bought.
NHB contacted me finally, but no finalised details as to what would be going down yet but should be good, still.
I got hooked on Sunshine in the Rain by Bodies Without Organs

Tonight I've seen Faith and she's looking real fine, both before and after too much whiskey. 26, Thumper. 5, 10, 15, Barumba.

Yup, need to sleep earlier, time to go find Mr Sandman.

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Blogger Ivy said...

Hey you... you worry me. Careful on the arsenic... =) Sometimes a good cry is what you need, it makes me feel better each time. Watch an extremely sappy movie to jump start that dam. Write if you need someone anonymous to listen to you. Take care of yourself.

7/6/05 4:15 am  

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