Wednesday, February 09, 2005


This is my second attempt to post this entry, the first turned to nothingness when the browser crashed.

Just gotten home, I spent my whole day at my parent's place today, mainly for lunch and dinner. NOthing out there is opened, almost everywhere is closed and deserted. Come to think of it, Mac's opened as should most of the other fast food and coffee joints, but I would not have any burger for any meal, be it Prosperity Burger or not *yucks* at least not this week.

Had considered staying over at my parent's tonight, but I'd missed my bed too much plus I need my moisturisers cause I think my skin's beginning to flake. I might be a little burned from my tan yesterday, it's glowing and I seriously contemplated about wearing anything that's red or bright orange this morning. Haha, people might that I had too much to drink already.

I'm still considering going to the pool for a swim tomorrow - no crowd, not sure if it's opened for morning swim. But look at the time now, I might not wake in time.

There are a few people I know, that's probably not as joyous as the rest of us celebrating the Lunar New Year. My aunt's (dad's younger sis) father-in-law passed away a few days ago, today's the cremation. This blogger is not really feeling happy either, and a friend staying alone in California is probably missing home too (something abt green card stay).