Saturday, May 07, 2005


Worked all day, par-tay all night.

Kids all hyper and screaming in their pitched voices, quite a din but it's been fun. It's a good thing that this will be the last and final class for them, cause their exams are around the corner. So that means I get some low time to look for other distractions.

Later the same day in some obscure corner of town, sipping iced tea. I split my fries over some details for a gallery's image revamp. Looks like I'll be getting myself invited to some swanky openings, I hope they've got some good wine. *HaHa*

On Smallville tonight, Clark Kent meets the Flash.

In romping order - Thumper, Bar None, Living Rm, IndoChine@Wisma, Attica & Attica too. Lots of Burbon, some Vodka and a couple of Heineken. Ooh and my first taste of some Wasabi potatoe chips *bleach* taste better with more spirits.

DJ @ AtticaTooAttica too is a nice place to do whatever you do at a club. Yes, I likey liked. FYI, lotsa good lookin Caucasians abound here. It's out by Clarke Quay and I got in free *grin* drinks too.

Ok so I got into every single one of 'em free, drinks included. It's good to hang out with a couple of hot chicks who knows the who's who of the nite life, I was impressed.

Right, so I was home again around 3am, make a guess what time I woke this morning. *HahaHa* I think it's funny.

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Blogger Ivy said...

Party on! Love the photo. Fabulous shot.

10/5/05 3:55 am  

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