Friday, April 29, 2005

Going away

Text and calls kept coming thru my mobile the whole morning, almost draining the battery and it's not even noon yet.

Most of the calls were coming thru for some last minute photo assignment, so there was a mad scramble of calls all round. But alast, the budget was off and the shot was cancelled. I was all hyped up and raring to go too, what a let down.

On the other end, I've decided to take off to some Indonesian resort island for 3 days, it's the May Day long weekend. So there's quite a few last minute calls and reservations to be make. Need to take a break and sometime away from these square rooms.

Won't be having any photo memories from this trip, cause my favorite travelling digital camera is on holiday in China with a friend. Didn't expect to be missing that camera :(

I'm hoping that this trip would be relaxing and stress free, nothing planned though and my first time heading off alone. I should pick my books right too.

Oh, this also meant that I missed out on going to that nice Japanese restaurant I was hoping to go, before the end of the week. *Bummer*

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Blogger Ivy said...

Last minute trip is always exciting. Enjoy your time away and hope you will have some quiet time to reflect. Come back refreshed and renewed, you hear?

Take care!

30/4/05 3:39 am  
Blogger April said...

Oi! Thanks for the link, you sly dog. I've connected you up to my little splice of the web too. Heh... Hope you had a great trip!

1/5/05 2:11 am  

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