Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Sun, sand & snooze

Just got back late last night from 3 days of sun, sand and snooze.

It was blazing and intensely hot the whole morning, the minute the ferry docked and opened it's doors for disembarkment, the rain poured. Day one was not too good, there was no breeze and the air was just stagnant, in addition to that the one hour or so heavy downpour, the humidity just kept creeping up. Anyway, things got much much better after that day.

The whole beach thing was very nice, not too crowded, sand was amazingly fine and soft - powdery soft. The blue sea was almost clear and rather warm, there were certain patches of water that were way too warm and I spied jellyfish, last count 3 jellyfish the size of my palm, with nice blue tentacles.

The bright sun, clear blue sky and clouds that adorned it, everything was just beautiful. Will go into details later, it was a really good break and I'm glad I decided to go. Now I have to catch up on some news and tie up a few loose ends. Good thing I dun have to work today.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sure envy for having such a nice trip! I love the beach but hate the sun and getting tan.
Which indonesian island did you go?

3/5/05 9:17 pm  
Blogger Ivy said...

Welcome back!

5/5/05 5:51 am  

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