Saturday, May 07, 2005

Social Circle

It's been eight months since
Beginning to feel that perhaps...
I've been feeling a little dreaded
Time to make some changes
Time to break out of this rut

these new acquaintances
are fast becoming friends

Met them the first time
on a tropical island
Off that island and back to another
It's been work all day for them
Maybe we'll get together again

Barely knew them, went club hopping
already one of 'em have offered to model nude
for my first solo show
if I get around to it

Then there's another
Had a recent breakup, was suicidal
I touched the fine razor scars on her wrist
I think she's getting over it now

One more
DJ prodigy

Not stopping here
Contemporary artist
and gallery owner

And when I do get the chance to get back to the Bay area
Ivy, Michelle? and good 'ol Jacq too

The horizon looks pretty exciting
when you're at the bottom of everything
the only direction is up?

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Blogger Ivy said...

Life is one complicated oscillation. Keep it blanaced and focused. I hope all is well with you! =)

10/5/05 4:05 am  

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