Thursday, July 28, 2005

Aching con't

LOL - I ended my last entry, about aching butt cheeks.

Seriuosly, Ivy. I'm getting so much hits thru that link on your blog that I will clarify this matter as promised and not leave it hanging any longer.

Blame it on Tennis, ever since Wimbledon ended.
So there, anti-climax, lol.

That remimds me, my new neighbour been making lots of noise these pass few nights. It gets rather distracting and hard for me to get to sleep. I wonder what she takes to keep up so late. I know that it's a she, cause I actually have to go knock on their door to tell them to keep it down. That's like already 1am and I've been having to get up really early these days.

There was once when I could literally hear a pin (nail or screw) drop, LOL. I pray their bed hold strong, and that they don't get aching buttocks.

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Blogger Ivy said...

Hehe, clarification is good! ^__^

I am sorry for your "overly exuberant" neighbors. Earplugs may be good investments.

3/8/05 2:06 am  

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